Turbo Grass Seed

Turbo Grass Seed

Sinclair Mcgill Turbo

Mainly grazing.

Fast growing grazing mixture with potential for one cut of top quality silage

Tweed White Clover blend fixes atmospheric nitrogen and provides minerals and protein

Timothy content helps to fill the midsummer grazing gap

Grazing TURBO can reduce milk production costs by as much as £0.08 pence per litre

Suitable for both paddock grazing systems and set stocking


Mid-Season Perennial Ryegrass

Aviara / EurostarMid-Season Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

Denver / Herbie / MatizLate Perennial Ryegrass

MontovaLate Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

Glencar / TwymaxLate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

Comtal / MotimTimothy

TweedWhite Clover Blend