Stiga Park500Front Deck Mower

Stiga Park500Front Deck Mower

Stiga Park500Front Deck Mower

Price: €5,649 inc. VAT


The Park 500 out-front mower combines reliability and manoeuvrability in one machine. It's driven by a reliable STIGA 432cc one-cylinder engine, while its special articulation (50:50) jointly with the power-assisted steering will help you move around the garden and its obstacles in the easiest way. This mower's front-mounted deck also provides a clear view of your working area, easier access to corners, and beautiful results along edges.

Reliable 432cc STIGA ST 450 one-cylinder engine.

Front-mounted deck with cutting deck, 100cm.

Rear-wheel drive, 50:50 articulation and power steering.

Compact side dashboard with easy-to-use operations.

Comfortable seat with plenty of leg room.

Cutting deck 100cm Electric Quick Flip