Stiga Autoclip 530SG Robot Mower

Stiga Autoclip 530SG Robot Mower

Stiga Autoclip 530SG Robot Mower

Price: €3,295 inc. VAT


Autoclip 530 SG is the help you are looking for. This smart robot mower can manage up to 3200 m2 in up to four separate cutting areas. With the powerful 7,5 Ah Lithium-ions battery it can run working cycles of 3,5 hours and recharge itself autonomously. This smart garden worker is equipped with a GPS-assisted virtual partition function, that provides you a more efficient and precise lawn cut plan. Thanks to the connectivity module you can control and interact with the robot at any time and wherever it is, thanks to the special smartphone app. The robot mower is also equipped with a bluetooth receiver and a brushless motor for longer life span, lower battery consumption and less noise. A real efficiency champion, ready to assist you in taking care of your garden.

Max. Working Area: 3200m2

Brushless Motor Type

1 x Lithium- Ion batteries - 7.5Ah

Charging Time: 2h 30mins - Automatic 

Working Time (-20%): 3h30 mins 

Cutting Width: 29cm

Cutting Height Range: 25-70mm

Cutting Speed: 30m/min

35% Incline/Slope

Durable High Performing Steel Blade

Smart Programme Scheduling & Zoning

Includes Rain, Obstacle, Lift & Safety Sensors

Bluetooth Receiver for Automatic Updates

Integrated GPS System

Pin Code Protected

Easy Control & Monitoring using Mobile App

Max. Managed Areas: 4

Bluetooth Receiver: Yes

Obstacle Detection Sensor: On Cover

Weight with Batteries: 14.6kg

Once off boundary wire installation is required