Steri 7


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Price:   TBA


Steri-7 can be used on almost any surface, including: horse walkers, tack, horse blankets and for the washing out, and disinfecting, of feed/water buckets.

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The recent introduction of Steri-7 equine with RBT (a DEFRA approved, high level, broad-spectrum, cleaner and disinfectant) signals the end of most harmful viruses, spores, moulds and bacteria. Our products will help all Equine professionals who are looking for that one product, which will help provide a clean, safe environment for their charges and ultimately "peace of mind".

Steri-7 Equine is one of the most advanced biocide disinfectants to be introduced into the Equine marketplace in recent times. It is the only product that has been independently tested and proved to remain active for 14 days after application. This is because of its RBT (re-active barrier technology) effect. When applied to a worktop, floor, wall, door, sink or fabric the biocide in Steri-7 kills 99.9999% of germs present; at the same time a lasting barrier is created that ensures that germs subsequently introduced to it will also be killed, just as effectively 24/7.

Steri-7 Equine has DEFRA General Orders Approval so stables and transport vehicles can be easily and quickly disinfected by applying STERI-7 Equine either through a sprayer or fogging equipment.

Steri-7 Equines unique properties not only ensure a cleaner, safer environment for both user and their charges, the regular application of STERI-7 Equine on surfaces will reduce the chances of cross-contamination helping reduce sickness in animals and staff and ultimately contribute to a more successful and profitable business.