Shine Calf Milk

Shine Calf Milk

If you want to feed skim milk dried with your calves in mind then Shine is your only man.  Every year Shine is used to rear 100,000 heifers in the UK and Ireland.

Many commentators suggest there is no difference between skim milk and whey in performance and in older calves that’s true, but in large herds, in young calves, in less than ideal housing -low heat skim milk provides better protection every time.

Shine is the also the most tried and tested twice a day powder in the British Isles.  For Example, why fed more or anything else when Shine delivers growth rates of 0.97-98kgs/day in calves on 600g powder/day (Harper Adams University trials 2014 and 2015).

By using a blend of skim milk buttermilk and a range of plant oils, Shine encourages dry feed intake and rumen development prior to weaning- minimising stress and upset after weaning.