Second Harvest Wood Mulch

Second Harvest Wood Mulch

SecondHarvest® is a fine woodchip product that has been coloured with an environmentally friendly, water based range of colours to suit both urban and rural settings.

SecondHarvest® has been attributed with significantly improved weed suppression and water conservation.  It does not blow away and makes a long lasting, durable ground cover that is rich in colour, amplifying the vibrancy of your planting schemes.

Benefits of SecondHarvest®:

Improved Weed Suppression

Rich in Colour

Excellent Drainage

Enhanced Water Conservation

Completely Natural and Biodegradable

Doesn’t Blow Away

Water Based Colourant

Low maintenance

Easy to handle

One cubic metre at a depth of 50mm covers 20 square metres, at a depth of 100mm covers 10 square metres and so on.