SECO CROSSJETAC92-21 Rough Terrain Tractor Mower.

SECO CROSSJETAC92-21 Rough Terrain Tractor Mower.

SECO CROSSJETAC92-21 Rough Terrain Tractor Mower.

Price: €7,295 inc. VAT


Seco Crossjet AC92-21 Rough Terrain Tractor Mower 

The Crossjet AC92-21 is a high quality  tractor mower designed for mowing unkept lawns not accessible with a standard tractor. Popular with the rental market due to its robust structure and  features. It cuts through high grass, gorse and thistles the same as if you were using a handheld brushcutter. So we would classify this machine as a "Ride On Brushcutter". Its low centre of gravity, along with its V-shaped tyres makes it ideal for slight inclines, allowing better stability and traction. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 20hp twin cylinder engine, it comes with hydrostatic transmission which allows for easier control in obstructed areas. 

The Crossjet AC92-21 tractor mower is equipped with a 92cm cutting deck. Designed to mulch grass or unmanaged terrain underneath the deck, discharging debris or cllippings out through the rear of the machine. Engaging the cutter deck couldn’t be easier with its electronic blade engagement feature; one simply has to pull the control switch for “On” and push it in for “Off”.  It has five preset cutting heights ranging from 50mm to 120mm which are selected by using the lever located conveniently at the side of the seat. 

The Crossjet AC92-21 has an adjustable high back seat with head rest that provides the driver with optimum comfort. Features a barrier roll bar, rear and front bumper that protects the plastic casing on the body of the tractor. Also equipped with halogen front lights for cutting in those long evenings.


Professional engine:Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD 

Engine type:twin cylinder 20HP

Drive:rear axle 

Professional transmission:Tuff Torq K62 

Transmission type:hydrostatic 

Differential lock:mechanical 

Cutting width:92cm

Cutting deck:one-rotor with free blades 

Cutting high:50 - 120, 5 positions + transport positionmm

Accelerator control:manual 

Drive control:manual 

Speed control:manual 


Fuel tank:12 l with fuel gauge 

Front wheels:16 - V-shapedinches

Rear wheels:20 - V-shapedinches

Parking brake:yes 

Battery:12V 24Ah 

Front lights:halogen + LED diodes 

Hour meter:yes, with service dates 


Upper protective frame:yes, folding 

Bumper:front + rear 

Total dimensions:2310 x 1015 x 1505mm

Service weight:317kg