Radital Liniment Gel

Radital Liniment Gel

Radital Liniment Gel

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Radital Liniment Gel 500ml

The Ultimate cure for sore muscles

The most famous liniment in Sweden, used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Radital Liniment is an efficient, double acting liniment that acts locally to increase the blood flow, decrease recovery time and relive temporary pain.

Radital liniment gives a cooling effect that then turns into a long lasting warming effect. Radital liniment is considered to be the most efficient liniment that is used to prevent and ease problems that may occur in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Frequently used by elite athletes, both within the horse, dog and humane side.

Available in liquid form aswell.

96 hours withdrawal for competition in Scandinavia.


Massage the exposed area after workout, when stiff or sore muscles

Can be used before strenuous work is order to warm the muscle, increase the suppleness and prevent injury.

For external use. Wash hands thoroughly after application. Avoid getting the product in the eyes, rinse with water if it should occur.

Keep out of reach of children