Kiln Dried Birch Logs

Kiln Dried Birch Logs

Kiln Dried Birch Logs

Price: €325 inc. VAT


Carefully selected and sustainably sourced, Our Birch Firewood is known for its excellent burning properties and beautiful flame display. Birch wood is well known for its high energy content and clean-burning characteristics, making it an ideal choice for heating, cooking, grilling, and creating cozy fires.

The Crate pallet packaging provides numerous advantages. It offers a substantial quantity of firewood, ensuring an ample supply for multiple fires without the need for frequent replenishment. The pallet design facilitates easy transportation, storage, and handling of the firewood, making it a convenient and efficient fuel solution for your heating needs.

Our Kiln-Dried wood is preferred for firewood as it burns more efficiently and cleanly compared to wood with higher moisture content. It ignites easily, produces less smoke, and generates more heat, making it an ideal choice for fire-starting and heating purposes.

Also available in 30L net bags

Birch in 1RM Crates

Dimension of pallets (W×L×H)  810×1210×1220 mm

Net weight kg, ±30 kg tolerance 400

Kiln dried well below 20% MC in the core of the piece so ready to burn.

Length of the pieces nominal 24–26 cm, with around 7% longer or shorter than that. Minimum length of 150 mm is provided.

PEFC and WOODSURE READY To BURN certified product.

Local delivery available  with in 10km radius