EVO Safety Goggles

EVO Safety Goggles

Evo Indirect Vent Anti Mist Goggle With Anti Mist Clear Lens

ID Vent, Class 1 optics, B grade impact.

N Class lens offer anti-mist and anti-scratch to keep the lenses scratch and fog free for longer.

Conforms to EN166.1.B – Tested to resist impact of a 6mm steel ball fired at 270mph (430kph).

Also offers 99.9% protection against UV radiation.

EVA foam on the goggle housing provides a comfortable fitting to a wide range of facial profiles.

Can be used with an RX insert for prescription eyewear.

Low profile design means the EVO Goggle™ can be worn with an industrial safety helmet or bumpcap, and is fully compatible with our Evolution® range of safety helmets and our Hardcap™ A1+ baseball style bumpcaps.

EVO Goggle™ features a wide 30mm elastic headband for improved comfort and secure fit.
N Class lens MistResist+™ offering Anti-mist protection.

One Size