A unique combination equine wormer, containing moxidectin and praziquantel as active ingredients.

The only combination wormer to control with a single dose: small redworm, including all stages of the harmful and potentially life-threatening encysted small redworm larval stages, as well as other roundworm species, bots, and all 3 species of tapeworm. A palatable gel, EQUEST PRAMOX is presented in an easy to use dial-a-dose syringe, and has a 13-week dosing interval.

One 11.8g syringe is sufficient to treat a 700kg horse.

Do not administer to foals less than 6.5 months of age.

Use during pregnancy, lactation or lay The veterinary medicinal product has been shown to be safe for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating mares. The administration of the product does not adversely affect the fertility of the mares.