Redmills Engage Beef 15kg

Redmills Engage Beef 15kg

Our Engage Beef recipe is a fully balanced diet that provides your dogs with the best of nutrition for sustained health and vitality.

This food is suitable for dogs in lighter work, or with lower energy needs. Engage Beef, with a high meat content, offers dogs all the necessary dietary requirements to maintain a good, healthy condition.

The Engage range of dog food contains only the finest ingredients for the benefit of your dogs. Whether it’s walking, flushing, pointing or setting, Engage will give your dogs just what they need. For fast recovery, sustained energy and optimum endurance, there is a food in the Engage range to suit your dog’s activity.

Staying ahead of the game

Natural Ingredients 
We use only the very best of natural ingredients throughout our  Engage range. All of our ingredients are highly digestible for your dog.

High digestibility 
All Engage diets are highly digestible providing readily available  nutrients to your dogs. This results in maximum absorption of the food, therefore maximising your dogs performance.

Added Vitamins & Minerals 
The Engage range has added vitamins and minerals, for optimum  health and vitality. This ensures your dog gets all the necessary  nutrients for their active lifestyle.

Protein sources 
The Engage range offers a variety of protein sources. They include duck, salmon, chicken and beef. Each protein source offers  its own benefits, with duck, salmon and rice included to offer  hypoallergenic diets for your dogs. Dogs in hard work need a good source of protein for effective recovery after work.

To  maintain  healthy  digestion  your  dog  needs  fibre in  their  diet.  The Engage range uses beet pulp and chicory as sources of fibre,  ensuring optimum gut health.

Ideal For:

 Dog in lighter work, or with lower energy needs