Ako Power Profi Ndi 15000 Digital 14,5 Joule (250 Acres Aprox)

Ako Power Profi Ndi 15000 Digital 14,5 Joule (250 Acres Aprox)

Ako Power Profi Ndi 15000 Digital 14,5 Joule (250 Acres Aprox)

Price: €599 inc. VAT


Ultra strong fencer for
long fences with strong vegetation. Universal fit for horses,
cattle and sheep. When an animal gets caught in the wire for a long time
the device shuts down an alarm and slows down the power pulses
issued. Strong power reduction in normal use. Optically visible
voltage control and ground control. Two strokes, namely weak and


Produced on the basis of the current European
safety standard EN60335. Delayed shock strength adjustment increases the
Safety for humans and animals at the touch of the fence. Alarm function
permanently guard the fence, leave the alarm on long-term contact
outputs and slows the pulse rate. Strongly reduced energy consumption
normal use = ecological and contributes to climate protection. Compared
With traditional tools, AKOtronic impulse technology clearly shows
more safety, energy saving and a higher level of safety at strong
vegetation by extremely high fence wire stress. Two digital illuminated
readings for output and ground voltage and additional two-color flashing
led lights. With two fence wire outputs (strong / weak). Control with

Ultrasterk power switch with intelligent power control, fully utilizing the maximum permissible limit values ​​=> AKOtronic impulse technology. Powerful AKO power grid for extremely long fences, strong
vegetation and very strong species. For very long fences with heavy vegetation. Additional information on the third illuminated display: about current current
consumption. Power absorbed 18.0 W.

Technical data:

- max. voltage: 11,700 V

- voltage at 500 ohm: 8,800 V

- charge energy: 20.00 Joule

- max pulse energy: 14.50 Joule

- theoretical focal length: 350 km

- max. grid length without vegetation: 100 km

- maximum frame length light vegetation: 22 km

- max. grid length heavy vegetation: 12 km

- Maximum number of nets: 30

- Number of recommended earth rods 1m: 5

- Number of recommended earth rods 2m: 3