Ako Power N1200 (25 acres Approx)

Ako Power N1200 (25 acres Approx)

Ako Power N1200 (25 acres Approx)

Price: €135.50 inc. VAT


The Ako Power N1200 is an effective 230 volt power supply. This energizer is suitable for
small meadows of 10 kilometers with light vegetation. Works up to 1 kilometer with
heavy vegetation. It is ideal for a small horse pasture.

The latest technology has been applied and that means the N1200 microprocessor controlled
is. Produced on the basis of the current European safety standard
EN60335. Control with microprocessor. 3 year warranty.

Effective 230 volt mains device. For short fences and little
vegetation. Particularly suitable for small horse pastures and paddocks. On / off indicator light.

Technical data:

max. voltage: 12.500 V

voltage at 500 ohms: 3,400 V

charging energy: 1.70 J

max. pulse energy: 1.20 J

power consumption 5.0 watts

theoretical fence length: 40 km

max. fencing length without vegetation: 10 km

max. fencing length light vegetation: 2 km

max. fencing length heavy vegetation: 1 km

max. number of nets: 3

number of recommended earth rods: 1