The Ultimate Rechargeable Torch

   19 Oct 2019

The Coast HL7R Torch is possibly the best torch we have ever sold in our shop.

Coast provide very high-end professional quality handheld torches and LED flashlights that outperform a lot of brands on the market at very competitive prices.

The HL7R is very compact; therefore, it can be used by hikers and campers as well. Along with that, you can even place this flashlight in your cars glove compartment in case you need it during a breakdown or emergency. 

With a Beam throw distance of 350 meters the torch is the ideal torch for farmers checking stock at night. 

You will be getting 4 AA batteries which can be used with the flashlight. You will also get a pack of  two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries as well. These lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs have their own little charging port on them individually. So, you can charge the battery directly without inserting it into the flashlight itself. 

If you have inserted the rechargeable battery inside the flashlight, you can even charge it from there as well. You will get a micro USB cable to charge the batteries.

This flashlight has a sealed rubber O-ring which makes the flashlight water resistant. You can easily take this flashlight out in the rain. 

The overall weight of the Coast HP7R flashlight is just over 200 g and 10.5 cm long.

The pack includes

Coast HP7R Flashlight

2 Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries

4 AAA batteries


Heavy duty holster/sheath

Wall mount

Speed clip

AC and DC adapter chargers

Micro USB cable

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