Prepare Your Dog For Halloween

   04 Oct 2022

Help keep your dog calm over the stressful period of Halloween


MaxRelax. Helping your Dog Cope with Fireworks

While the bright flashes and big booms from fireworks can be fun for people, for dogs they can be disorienting, confusing and even frightening.

Dogs have exceptional hearing. If a dog comes running to the sound of a crinkling food wrapper from a different part of the house, you can imagine how sensitive they are to Fireworks 

Similar to thunder and lightning the noise that fireworks make is loud and unexpected and puts many dogs on edge. 

MaxRelax contains Tryptophan from which the dog's body can form serotonin and melatonin. Dogs with low levels of serotonin may express a anxious, stressed and impulsive behavior. A supplement of tryptophan in the daily diet can raise the level of serotonin in the dog and thus balance its temperament. Melatonin helps attenuate anxiety and works soothing for the dog.

MaxRelax also contains Thiamin (B1) and magnesium that helps in the formation of seratonin and melatonin.

MaxRelax is a food supplement given in order to improve the dog's ability to relax and handle stressful situations. It can be given preventively before the expected reaction or during a period in connection with therapeutic training. It can be given to dogs that are stressed by new situations, environmental changes, loud noises such as shots or fireworks.

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