Happy World Dog Day

   26 Aug 2021

How to make your garden dog-friendly There is nothing better than spending time in your garden with your dog. Trowing a ball, learning new tricks or simply relaxing. But is your garden actually dog-friendly? Read our tips and find out how to build the perfect garden for your dog.

1. Know which plants are toxic for dogs, including the following:






2. Select sturdy border plants

In order to protect delicate plants which could be sensitive to trampling or urinations, it’s suggested to select sturdy border plants which will act as a natural barrier.

3. Place fences at unsafe places in your garden

In case you want to keep toxic plants inside your garden it is important to keep your dog away. Fences are also highly suggested for those dogs who like to explore outside our gardens!

4. Use natural smells to stop your dog(s) from digging holes:

Spices such as ground mustard or crushed dried pepper

Coffee grounds (which are also a perfect fertilizer!)

Rosemary, sage and bitter orange as they have a pungent smell

5. Designate an area for playing

Create a space in your garden where your dog can run freely, where it can play without making you worry. Also make sure your dog has enough water and shade.