Cylinder Tips and Safety Information for the Cold Weather

   13 Jan 2021

Did you know?

Butane gas will only work effectively at temperatures above -2°C. If you have a yellow or blue cylinder outside, then it may not be working on very cold mornings.

Butane gas is designed for indoor use but did you know that Fingal Farm Home and Garden are distributors for Calor Gas who supply two types of gas, with propane gas recommended for outdoor use.

Calor are able to offer a full range of cylinders to suit your needs. Conversion of your outdoor cylinder from butane to propane is simple, with the installation of a new propane regulator to suit your new cylinder.

How to Convert from Butane to Propane:

1. Firstly, you will need to remove your old butane regulator.

2. Install your new propane regulator following the instructions and advice supplied with the new regulator ensuring your new regulator outlet matches the size of your LPG hose.

No flexible hose should pass through a wall, and Calor recommends that all flexible hoses are changed every 5 years or if they show any sign of wear.

Butane Gas Regulator

For more information and advice please see the “help and support” section of the Calor Gas website or check out these safety Leaflets. 

Using Propane Cylinders Safely

Using Butane Cylinders Safely

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Video How to fit a Butane Gas Regulator

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