Chestnut Fencing. The Instant Fencing Solution

   18 Jan 2021

We have just introduced Chestnut fencing to our range of fencing products. Cleft Chestnut Paling fences are a traditional product, made in the UK and made from chestnut poles that are cleaved by hand into pales. Cleaving means that the chestnut poles split with the grain and this gives the maximum strength and durability to the chestnut pale. 

This natural looking product is very versatile and looks at home in everything but the most modern of settings. The fact that it can be taken down and then re-used with the minimum of fuss adds to its versatility. Popular uses include: permanent fencing in gardens, parks, agriculture & forestry; wind breaks and erosion; and temporary fencing for building & construction work. 

We have it aviailable in 1.2 meter high 5 meter rolls