Carbon Monoxide Alarms

   18 Jan 2021

Carbon monoxide (also known as CO) is a colourless, odourless, poisonous gas. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause illness, loss of consciousness and even death.

At Fingal Farm Home and Garden we carry a range of approved Carbon Monoxide alarms

A good alarm should have the following qualities:

-It should be audible. A visual indicator is no use if you're asleep.

-It should carry the CE mark and comply with the European Standard EN 50291.

-It Should have an ‘end-of-life’ indicator to tell you when it needs to be replaced.

-It Should carry a mark of independent certification such as a Kitemark. It is recommended that you do not purchase an alarm that does not have this.



Test alarms regularly by pushing the 'test' button on your device at least once a week. Replace an alarm if it displays an error or does not function when tested.


Carbon monoxide alarms have a limited lifetime, and the manufacturer will specify when it should be replaced. It is recommended that you buy alarms that incorporate an end-of-life indicator.

Replace an alarm that has reached the end of its life. Never hold on to a carbon monoxide alarm after its useful date has expired. 

Signs Of Carbon Monoxide in your Home

-Staining, sooting or discoloring around an appliance

-Condensation on your windows and/or walls when an appliance is on

-A strange smell when an appliance is on (remember: carbon monoxide itself has no smell but other fumes produced by burning may smell.)

-A yellow or orange flame on a gas appliance that is normally blue.

For more information on Carbon Monoxide check out and for information on how to install your alarms see the video below

Where How to install a Carbon Monoxide alarm and how to fit them